TSX-DGO closes on ground covering two historic drill holes (early 1970's) that hit gold 250+ meters apart in Timmins, 30km NW of Dome Mine where 23+ million ounces gold produced since 1909.....TSX-DGO announces acquires ground adjacent TSX-GTT new high grade gold discovery in BC, TSX-GTT announced discovery open to east and west!...................TSX-BTR exploring in Windfall Lake Gold Camp, TSX-DGO Trove ground purchased by TSX-BTR, CSE-AMS adjacent TSX-DGO Trove ground, both TEX-RSV and CSE-GOR a few km away, all adjacent Osisko Mining Windfall Lake ground and Red Dog and Black Dog discoveries.



Alchemist ----TSX-AMS

TMAC Gold     Symbol       T.TMR

Tahoe Resources      Symbol       NYSE-TAHO

Metanor Resources       Symbol       TSX-MTO

Durango Resources     Symbol       TSX-DGO

Osisko Mining symbol  TSX-OSK

Osisko symbol T-OR    gold production

GOLDREA RESOURCES  CSE listed GOR, OTC-GORAF    announces ground acquisition adjacent OSISKO Mining WINDFALL LAKE GOLD CAMP in Quebec and within 2 kilometers of Durango Resources  


Osisko Mining  T.OSK  redeveloping the Windfall Lake gold deposit in Quebec and aggressively exploring greenstone belt in Quebec with a recent $82 million financing, parent company is Osisko Royalties symbol NYSE-OR and T.OR began Malartic gold camp monster open pit gold mining operation and since then has been making gold profits and investing aggressively in junior gold miners since January 2017.

TSX-DGO adjacent to west and east of TSX-GTT new high grade gold discovery which TSX-GTT announced is open to extension to west and east.
TSX-GTT discovers gold in 10 out of 10 drill holes as of July 25, 2017, in area of northern cordillera rock belt that hosts gold, copper-gold deposits from CHILE TO ALASKA.
First time in British Columbia section of northern Cordillera that a potential gold deposit will be found in area of huge copper-gold deposits, 30km to the Southeast is the RED CHRIS copper gold mine of Imperial Metals, to the northwest is the several copper-gold deposits. 
the first time gold deposit may be found around the copper gold deposits in B.C. as the gold deposits are known to occur around the copper-gold deposits in the USA, CHILE.
Durango with ground adjacent to TSX-GTT on the west and east, then also surrounded by TSX-CXO to the south, and north, east and south on the east side of TSX-GTT.
TSX-GTT announced in news the high grade gold discovery is open to the west and east.

From US geological survey porphyry copper deposits open file  clearly states these types of deposits can occur in area, Sillitoe in public presentations has also commented on clusters of copper-gold deposits with gold deposits.

"Polymetallic replacement deposits occur in carbonate-bearing units peripheral to porphyry-style mineralization. At Bingham, Utah (Babcock and others, 1995), and Bisbee, Arizona (Bryant and Metz, 1966), polymetallic replacement deposits
surround the intrusive complexes with offshoots appearing to radiate outward from the stocks. Vein deposits occur peripheral to many porphyry copper deposits (for example, Bingham, Utah), as well as crosscutting porphyry-style mineralization (for example, Valea Morii, Romania)"    OPEN FILE USGS 2008-1321

Toronto Listed TMAC Resources is developing and mining a large gold deposit on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Northern Canada. The mine is producing but also exploring for more reserves, visit the website for more information, symbol is T.TMR.

TSX Listed BONTERRA Resources, closed $5.2 million financing with KINROSS, and $13.9 million financing in early March to explore ground in WINDFALL LAKE GOLD CAMP, owns 43-101 compliant resource of 900,000+ tonnes averaging 9.37g/t Au in WINDFALL LAKE GOLD CAMP, KINROSS AND OSISKO financed TSX-BTR.

TSX listed Alchemist Resources, symbol AMS, $0.05, reveiwing acquisition of ground adjacent TSX-GTT new high grade gold discovery announced July 25, 2017, 10/10 drill holes intersect gold, in area of huge copper-gold mines and deposits.

New York and Toronto listed Tahoe Resources produces gold and silver, and in February 2016 tookover Lake Shore Gold that discovered a new gold deposit in Timmins, Ontario, Canada where over 50+ million ounces gold have been produced since 1908. The new discovery was around previously mined open pit mines and several underground mines, visit the company website for more information and the symbol on NYSE-TAHO.

Toronto listed Metanor Resources has a producing gold mine and is exploring for gold in several locations in Quebec Canada. Metanor made more gold discoveries south of the producing mine, where some geophysical anomalies appeared intriguing to drill, which Metanor did and discovered gold, the zone even extends under the tailings pond and continues to be defined in all directions, visit the company webiste for more information.

Toronto listed Durango is a junior exploration company, has ground adjacent TSX-GGI east and NNE of the Ni, Cu, Co deposit with fraction claims staked, also ground adjacent TSX-GTT east of high grade gold discovery that is open to east, and ground adjacent to the west where deposit open in that direction then ground adjacent to the north of the discovery area, also owns 100% of historic non 43-101 resource of 2 million ounces silver outlined in 1980's report on ground in Saskatchewan where drilling in 1980's outlined 5 million tonnes averaging 0.4oz/ton silver and 0.4% copper. Durango also has ground adjacent NYSE listed Tahoe Resources with historic drilling returning sediment samples upto 15,000ppb gold, visit the company website for more information and the stock symbol is TSX- DGO.  Announces 2 offers for ground surrounded by OSISKO MINING in Windfall Lake Gold Camp over $76 MILLION in financings with 5 exploration companies, Osisko drilling 400,000 metres for gold deposits.